Full sized black cigarette holder
Silver tip of cigarette holder
White mouthpiece of black cigarette holder
White tip of black cigarette holder
Fake cigarette
Side view of fake cigarette

Black Costume Cigarette Holder & Fake Cigarette Set of 2

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This is our wonderful fully functioning Halloween Costume Cigarette Holder with 2 Fake Cigarettes. It's the perfect accessory for your costume party or for use in stage & film production Whether you plan to use it to dazzle your friends or in a collection of past items, this is a cool one. Measuring 14" long and made of durable, solid plastic!

  • Cigarette Holder 14" (15.24 cm) Long
  • Made of durable hard plastic
  • (2) Fake Cigarettes fit perfectly in the holder & are standard sized
  • Perfect for Halloween costumes, stage productions, or parties

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