BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes Notepads


BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes

Who doesn't need a sticky note to leave a quick reminder? We all do! Well, if you need a sticky note, do it in style with these terrific Doctor Who Sticky Notes! The Doctor Who Sticky Notes come with over 300 stickers and vary in size from the Daleks at 1.5" x 0.75" to around 4"x3" for the To-Do List featuring the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

The Doctor Who Sticky Notes feature Dalek Sticky Notes, TARDIS Sticky Notepad, and as mentioned, the To-Do List with the 12th Doctor, Mr. Peter Capaldi!

The Doctor Who Sticky Notes come in a terrific box to keep them nice and tidy. Not only can you use the Daleks as sticky notes, but they also make great tabs to mark pages that you want to refer back to. 

We're huge fans of Doctor Who and the BBC at and we're psyched to have this great new Doctor Who product in-stock........ EXTERMINATE!

  • Features over 300 Doctor Who Sticky Notes
  • Styles include (4) Daleks, the TARDIS, and the Doctor himself
  • Officially licensed by the BBC


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