Paulinda Dancing Bell Red Alien Super Dough Dashboard Bobble Head Kit


The Dancing Bell Super Dough Red Alien Bobble Head Kit is brand new from Paulinda and we're proud to be among the first retailers to stock these wonderful products. You receive an entire kit to make your own bobbing monster made with Super Dough and accessories.

First, here's some information about Super Dough, which has two containers included in your kit:

  • Extremely soft and pliable
  • Clean and safe
  • Colors mix easily and quickly
  • Water based
  • Does not stain work surfaces
  • It has a smooth and silky texture
  • Sticks well to itself
  • Easily shaped
  • Colors stay vibrant forever
  • Can be refreshed by adding water

Your Paulinda Dancing Bell Monster Super Dough Kit includes the follows:

  •  (1) 28g Super Dough container in black &  (1) 8g Super Dough container with yellow and white
  • Dashboard bobbing spring to connect your monster to your dashboard, desk, baby stroller, etc.
  • (3) Eyes, (1) bell, and (1) plastic cutting knife to cut the Super Dough

Developed and designed for ages 3 and up. Your dancing bobbing head works on the desktop, in your car, or even on a baby stroller! Make your own bobbing head dancer! The completed alien measures about 7" tall and 3" wide. 


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