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Lower Shipping Prices and Changes

Lower Shipping Prices and Changes


We constantly listen to your feedback and work to make changes to help our customers as much as possible. One of the biggest sticking points in mail-order shopping is the cost of shipping. We've worked for many years to offer very competitive and low rates, amongst the lowest in our industry.

As you know, some of the big corporations can offer all sorts of shipping discounting, promotions, etc., as they absorb the cost of losing money on shipping all of those packages. As small and medium sized businesses can tell you worldwide, we simply don't have the ability to do so.

We genuinely appreciate your support of small and medium sized business like us at PopCultureSpot.com! So, we've continued to tweak our shipping rates and here are some of the changes. Let us begin within the United States.


United States Standard Shipping Pricing Changes

  • For orders totaling $.01-$2.49, our shipping rate is now $3.00. We have reduced the cost by .99
  • For orders totaling $2.50-$3.99, our shipping rate is now $3.60. We have reduced the cost by .40

Additional United States Standard Shipping Changes

  • We've found that many of our guests do not consult our Shipping Guide while they are in the shop and when checking out, they've simply seen our options listed as Standard Delivery, Expedited Delivery, and Overnight Delivery. Accompanying those shipping options are now a guideline of delivery time for each shipping service.
  • As noted earlier in the year, your USPS tracking information contains additional details and is updated up to 11 times along the way from our facility to your address.

We've worked tirelessly to come up with ways to lower small order shipping prices and the tweaking of our pricing truly gets the product to you while covering our shipping costs. Please consult our Shipping Guide for additional shipping rates and details.


International Air Mail Shipping Pricing Changes

In late January, the United States Postal Service increased shipping rates for International Air Mail by 86% to the countries that we most frequently ship to. In doing so, our Air Mail prices have reflected the nearly doubling of the rates. We've done everything that we can do in terms of bringing the rates as low as possible and after shipping costs and expenses, we're shipping to you at cost. We've made a few changes, so here they are:

  • Shipping rates have been recalculated and are exclusively based upon the weight of the package.
  • For our Canadian customers, we've been able to reduce shipping costs to Canada by up to 45%
  • Air Mail to Europe and Australia has been reduced up to 35%


We will continue to evaluate and adjust any other shipping options where possible. We greatly appreciate that you've chosen us at PopCultureSpot.com and we are constantly working to keep costs as low for you as possible.