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Supply Chain Crunch & 2021 Christmas Ordering Deadline

Supply Chain Crunch & 2021 Christmas Ordering Deadline

Like you, we've been significantly impacted by the global supply chain crunch. This coupled with longer shipping times provided by the USPS has made for an even more difficult world for businesses to navigate in 2021. We've worked diligently to cut costs and limit passing along the increased cost of goods and shipping to you as much as we possibly can.

With that being said, we want to lay out some of what we've been doing and our shipping deadline for the holiday season.

First of all, we've been bringing in larger quantities of inventory to try to mitigate product shortages, so we're stocking up as much as we can. Please be aware that many products are simply unavailable during the holiday season and we have many of our most popular products with restock dates now scheduled for February 2022. Our company has relocated from Atlanta to Orlando and we're very pleased to note that transit times are noticeably quicker from our Orlando shipping partners with the average delivery occurring two days sooner.

Lastly, with all of these issues, we are advising that all standard delivery orders for Christmas need to be placed by 2 PM on December 17th. We also advise that you order as early as possible as some products may run out of stock due to the holiday rush and they will not be restocked during the holiday season.

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