Our Packaging Process

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You've seen it time and again, a package arrives at your home, and you've opened the box to only be surprised that something isn't right with the packaging. Whether it's a small item in a giant box or an unsecured item thrown into a box, there is a lack of care and many times damage to the product that you've ordered. We take great pride in our order packaging process.

When you order from us at PopCultureSpot.com, we go through a multipart process when packaging your order. First off all, we physically inspect each and every product as our Crew knows how each item should look, operate, and feel. After the inspection process, your order is precisely packaged. In the packaging process, we have specific boxes and packaging styles designated for each of our products and all combinations. We don't toss your items in a random box without care, rather we've spent many years perfecting the packaging process allowing us to reduce waste and ensuring a safe delivery. There's no reason to put a 4" item in a 4' box as it not only in environmentally wasteful, but it also leads to increased customer costs with more expensive packaging and delivery costs. 

We have a very detailed packaging process for many reasons. We greatly appreciate you choosing our company for your purchase and believe that the time should be spent to make certain that you're receiving a product that is up to quality standards and that we should provide to you a packaging process that keeps your purchase well protected in-transit. Damaged packages are a simple fact of doing business, but we've been able to reduce damage packages in-transit to less than .01% of all shipments, which is not too shabby!

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