Delays in Service to Russia

mail delay russian mail delays russian post suspended mail delivery

We've received many reports of delivery delays throughout Russia in recent months. Throughout the years, delivery to the Russian Federation has remained to be spotty with delivery times being unreliable and packages failing to be properly delivered. In 2013, this has reached a crisis level for their International Air Mail Service.

There have been several incidents over the past several years and many explanations for the delays including reduced railway service, fires, a shortage of customs inspectors, etc. For us International senders, there continues to be absolutely no clear answer. Several Post services temporarily suspended package delivery into Russia over the past several months and a delay advisory was posted April from the Russian Post about a backlog of more than 500 tons of packages.

 Until further notice, we are unfortunately suspending all shipments to Russia. We've had some packages delivered as late as five months after their shipment (as well as not delivered whatsoever) and that's simply not an acceptable time-table for their delivery speed, or lack of. We'll continue to monitor this situation and we'll update the situation as it warrants.

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