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Tickles the Cat - Official Spokeskitty for PopCultureSpot.com

A Spokeskitty (FYI-That's a term around here!) is Born

Back when our brainstorming began as to what we were going to be, the first thing on our list was a special kitty cat named Tickles. While we didn't have the product line nailed down, Internet shopping was in its infancy, but we knew that it all started with this special cat.

As the days moved along in 1998, our quest began to find the most unique and cool pop culture kitsch to ship around the globe. As we began to assemble our roster of products, we developed our identity. Our business began simply as Tickles' Toy Chest, which was named after our founders' kitty cat, Mr. Tickles the Cat. Tickles became the official "Spokeskitty" for our business and he along with his brother Elmo was used in many promotional campaigns including advertising and our Adventures of Tickles and Elmo online comic book. By that time, Tickles' Toy Chest had morphed into TICKLES.com and remained so until 2007. At that point, the decision was made to rename our company to better reflect our product and what we are. Tickles the Cat hung around for some time after, but he became relegated to the background and dropped from most of our promotional campaigns.

After several years of Tickles the Cat being in the background and nearly lost to the ages, he's returned and he's become an integral part of PopCultureSpot.com LLC! It's a very proud and exciting moment for our crew as Tickles the Cat has been very special throughout the years. While our real kitty Tickles has left us with many wonderful memories, he continues as a part of our foundation. 

In the past, we offered several Tickles the Cat themed products including stickers, t-shirts, pins, and mugs & we plan on bringing many new Tickles the Cat themed products within the next several months. 

Tickles the Cat Throughout the Years

(1999) Our original company textural logo with Tickles the Cat appearing on his own planet and our first logo with our company seal.


(2000) The real Tickles the Cat hanging out in our office looking down at one of the first versions of our site. Look at that tiny picture, we're using Netscape as a browser and the monitor is the took up most of the desk. Probably a lot of you haven't even seen Netscape, Google it. Old school web browsing.

(2001) You can further see Tickles the Cat in this magazine article about our company.


(2001-2003) We continued with the first iteration of Tickles the Cat.


(2004-2011) The next generation of Tickles the Cat. 


(2006) Tickles in the store.

(2014) Concept design art.

(2014-) Modern and fresh, yet still Tickles the Cat.


(2017) Tickles has a cape in his arsenal and we're getting ready to launch great products with the one and only Tickles the Cat!