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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Since our inception, it's been extremely important for us to be environmentally responsible. Over the years, we've continued to refine and improve our methods, so we'd like to let you know some of things that we do!

  • Minimal Product Packaging 

    For our exclusively manufactured products, we choose to not have header cards and plastic packaging for the products. There isn't a need for header cards as they aren't being used on display racks and virtually all plastic wrap is non-recyclable. It's important for us to streamline the environmental impact of manufacturing process. We also push for suppliers to use minimally wasteful packaging and to ensure that the packaging components are fully recyclable. 

  • Shipping Packaging

    We've spent years testing and working to precisely package our products. Our shipments use packaging that are designed to be the most durable for the shipment process and uses space extremely wisely.

    Our shipping containers are all purchased locally and manufactured in our region. Only our packaging tape is not made locally, but is Made in the USA.

  • Office Recycling

    Whether we are in a business office or in our fulfillment facility, we sort all materials. Whether it is a strip that covers the seal on a padded mailer to cardboard from incoming shipments, every single item is separated and properly disposed of. We recycle nearly 80% of all office waste, which is something that we're incredibly proud of, but hope to even improve upon even more!