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How Your Order is Prepared and Shipped

How Your Order is Prepared and Shipped

How Your Order is Prepared and Shipped!

You're ready to place your order, but you might be wondering about how it's all put together? Our little guide will walk you through the process of your package going from the worldwide headquarters of PopCultureSpot.com LLC to your hands!

Having been in the mail order business for over 19 years, we at PopCultureSpot.com have perfected the art of order fulfillment. Once your order has been placed, the first step is to send the order information down to our facility for it to be prepared for packaging. A real human being (not a robot, droid, AI) goes and gathers the items for your order. Each and every item is personally inspected to make certain that they meet our quality control standards. For items such as bobble heads, we make certain that everything from the outside material to the hinges are perfect and paper products include our inspection process ensuring that the printing is spot-on. We've personally had many times of ordering from companies where they take a product, literally toss it into a box without a care, and the order arrives broken, crushed, etc. Our high quality fulfillment process is one of the little touches that makes us stand apart and is incredibly important to us!

Once we've inspected your products, the package needs to arrive safe and sound, so we ship in quality, durable cardboard boxes and padded bubble mailers depending upon the type of product that you're purchasing. We ship your order in compact, tight packaging, ensuring that your product is not only protected, but the box is solid and durable, preventing crushing.

You might find bubble wrap or newsprint included as packaging material in your order. We believe in environmental sustainability, so we're very focused on reusing and recycling. When the products arrive from manufacturers, we receive countless volumes of packaging material. Instead of discarding that packaging material, we make every effort to reuse at least 90% of all the materials that we've received. Additionally, our office paper comes from mixed use and recycled materials.

So, once we have your box and packaging materials, the fun stuff is ready to go into the box! We take great pride in securely packaging and examining each product before they ship.

Once your product has been packaged up, we add in a printed invoice, your free gift, and sometimes even more! The last step of the process is sealing the package where your box is carefully taped (or in the case of a mailer, it's secured) and then your shipping label is adhered. We ship via the USPS and UPS at regular intervals during the business day, Monday through Saturday. Just look for the PopCultureSpot.com LLC logo to know that your package from us has arrived!

And that's yet another day in the books for Tickles the Cat and the gang here at PopCultureSpot.com LLC!