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Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Iron-On Patch


The Harry Potter Hogwarts house iron on patch is awesome to your love of the house of Hogwarts! 

  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Patch
  • Die-cut measuring 5"x3"
  • Officially Licensed 

Iron-On Patch Instructions:

Do not use on fabrics with a low melting point, such as nylon, vinyl, or leather. Check garment label to be sure! Make sure the garment is clean and freshly laundered.

1. Prior to application, heat the iron to "COTTON" or 400 degrees for five minutes. Set steam to OFF.
2. Iron the area of the garment where patch will be located.
3. Position the patch to the garment with the embroidery facing up.
4. Place a pressing cloth over patch and press firmly for 30 seconds. (For thicker fabric, more time may be needed.)
5. Flip garment over and iron the back side of the patch for 30 seconds. 
6. Let garment cool for one minute.

After cooling, if the edges of the patch can be lifted, repeat step number 5. Sew around edges to ensure application is permanent.