Privacy Policy

 At the, your privacy is job number one. Increasingly companies are selling or bartering your most personal and private of information. This practice is wrong, deceptive, and one that you most likely have heard of on the news.

We find the practice of issuing your information to other companies to be absolutely unprofessional, dishonest, and a poor business practice. When you shop with us, you're shopping with ease. Your information is transmitted to and only for

We do not specifically collect information about children and believe that children should get their parents' consent before giving out any personal information.

We do not and will not ever share your information with any company, individual, or firm. We are honored to serve your shopping needs and want to ensure you of your privacy.

When placing your order, we collect the following information: Billing & Shipping Name(s), Mailing Address, Payment Information (Credit Card Number, PayPal, or Check Number), along with your email address and telephone number. These items are obtained to simply verify and process your order.

We also disapprove of companies relentless email marketing to customers. We send out email updates a few times a year and that is all. When you shop at a store, occasional updates & offers are informational, but we feel that weekly HTML based email updates from many companies are intrusive and excessive.

Our privacy policy has remained unchanged and in effect since June 15, 1998.