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How are Bobble Heads Made? Shop for Bobble Heads


Updated December 30, 2021

At PopCultureSpot.com, we feature bobble heads. We're all about bobble heads, it's a topic that we've been well versed in for a long, long time. We get customers and passers by that ask questions like these, "How are bobble heads made?" and "What are bobble head made out of?" With so many questions, there's only one thing to do, answer those questions!

What are bobble heads made out of?

There are all types of bobble heads and they're made from several types of materials. Generally, the most common bobble heads are made from resin and plastic. There are also ceramic and wooden bobble heads, but they are in the minority of the products currently produced. The resin bobble head dolls are solid and generally allow for greater details and finer contouring of the body. Plastic bobble heads are cast from a mold, but not all plastic bobbing heads are the same. Some styles rely purely on the mold as the entire product with the appropriate paint colors added. Our most popular bobble heads use a plastic inner shell that are not solid and are covered with felt cloth. The felt adds a layer of detail, a layer of feeling, and an additional layer of strength to the bobble head. With our bobble head animals, you'll find that the eyes are made of plastic and some vary from completely solid colors to an eye complete with color and pupil

What parts are bobble heads made up of?

We're going to use the Dalmatian Dog Bobble Head Doll as our example product. We begin with the head of the bobble head doll. The body is made of hollow plastic that is covered by felt cloth. On the head, a metal clasp is connected to the downward portion of the head to connect into the bobble head dog's body. At the far end of the body is a bolt that acts as a weight for the head. When attached to the body, this allows for the bobble head to sway and bob around. Without the weighed bolt at the end, the bobble head would simply rise to the top of the body in a fixed position.

Next up is the body of the bobble head doll. The body, which in this case is about 4" (10.16cm) in length, is made of a hollow core like the head, but the mold is not enclosed in order to allow space for the head piece to attach to the body. To attach to the body, a small metal anchor is attached inside the upper portion of the body to allow the clasp from the head to rest in the center of the anchor. When the head is attached to the body, the bobble head bobs and glides with ease. The movement can be endless as long as the bobble head doll is in contact with motion to jostle the parts enough to cause movement.

With many of our bobble head dolls, you'll find that they come with metal decorative necklaces. Lastly, all of our bobble head dolls (and most in general) come with an adhesive double-sided sticker to attach to most surfaces. It's most common for the bobble head to be attached to a car's dashboard or desk. 

Dalmatian Dog Bobble Head Doll

(Above) Bobble Head with bolt and clasp 

(Above) A closer view of the bolt found at the end of the head

(Above) The body of the bobble head doll

(Above) The full bobble head doll with parts attached