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Inventory Update Status & Quantity Ordering Details for December 10, 2014

The following products are currently out of stock:

  • T-Rex Puzzle & Squirrel Puzzle
  • Rosie the Riveter Sticky Notes & Poe Notable Quotable
  • Brown Cow Bobble Head, Mini Rottweiler Bobble Head Dog, & Blue Dinosaur Bobble Head


We have pretty strong inventory totals on most items as of today for Christmas delivery. Please note that our inventory is updated throughout the day from our various ordering systems and the number of pieces available do change. 

If you're attempting to purchase an item, but there isn't enough available inventory, simply drop us an email at customerservice@popculturespot.com. We limit ordering to the current on-hand total of products, but we are constantly receiving inventory into our facility. We'll be able to let you know exactly when the next batch will be arriving.