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New and Nimble Mobile Site!

faster mobiel mobile new site

We're very pleased to announce that we've launched our new website today, April 19th! Thanks to all of the great feedback that we've had, the new store site is optimized for mobile and is much quicker and nimble to use. We've reduced the hamburger menu trees and the site is designed to pull with ease whether you're on mobile, desktop, or tablet. Over the coming weeks, you'll see additional improvements and further integration of video content within the store.As always, thanks for shopping with us at LLC!

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Supply Chain Crunch & 2021 Christmas Ordering Deadline

Like you, we've been significantly impacted by the global supply chain crunch. This coupled with longer shipping times provided by the USPS has made for an even more difficult world for businesses to navigate in 2021. We've worked diligently to cut costs and limit passing along the increased cost of goods and shipping to you as much as we possibly can.With that being said, we want to lay out some of what we've been doing and our shipping deadline for the holiday season. First of all, we've been bringing in larger quantities of inventory to try to mitigate product shortages,...

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COVID-19 Update and We're Open

business update covid-19 open open for business pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic has touched the entire world, the impact on business has been profound. First of all, our thoughts are with everyone around the world as we all work through this crisis as scientists develop treatment(s) and ultimately a vaccine. At, our supply chain is from around the world including manufacturing right here in our home base of the United States. The pandemic's effect on the supply chain has been profound and has been causing issues since the beginning of the year. We've had long delays in shipments from overseas directly to us and to several manufacturers due to...

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New Products for April 22, 2019

aquaman bumper sticker dc comics decal harry potter harry potter sticker new products pooping animal pooping keychain soap

We have some new products in this week: MARVEL Avengers Sticker Decal Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Button Pin Harry Potter Voldemort Button Pin DC Comics Aquaman Soap Pooping Narwhal Keychain Pooping Unicorn Keychain Pooping Sloth Keychain

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Tariffs & 2019 Pricing

2019 increased prices prices tariff tariffs tarrif

The past year has brought forth tariffs on many product lines that we carry or have manufactured for us at LLC. The 10% tariffs were absorbed by us and/or manufacturers during 2018 as the situation evolved. As of January 1st, 2019, most manufacturers are no longer absorbing the cost and are passing that along to retailers in the form of higher wholesale prices. We're currently waiting to see how trade policy plays out over the next 45 days as many more products would be subject to escalating tariffs that would bring the 10% tariff to 25%. The issue of tariffs is...

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