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Product of the Week: Hollywood Movie Film Director's Slateboard

clapboard clapper fil film movie prop slateboard

Our Hollywood Slateboard Film Production Clapper is a working production clapboard. You've seen film directors always using the movie clapper and that's what we have! Our Hollywood Film Production Slateboard measures 8" x 7.5" (20.32 cm x 19.05 cm) and is made of durable wood with the classic black surface and white text.  Whether you're shooting a movie with professional video equipment or your home video camera, this is the one! Did you know that the slateboard is also commonly known as a clapper or clapperboard? The history is rich and the clapper is the ultimate for professional film production,...

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Inventory Status Update for Thursday, March 13, 2014

clapboard clapper director film film prop movie movie prop slateboard

The following product has returned in-stock and is ready to ship:   Hollywood Movie Director's Clapboard Slateboard, $3.99

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