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New Bobble Heads for May 12, 2017

bobble head bobble head dogs bobblehead chihuahua dog dogs

We're extremely excited as we have Chihuahua Dog Bobble Heads back in-stock and that includes a whole new style!

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Most Popular Bobble Head Dogs Have Returned!

beagle bobble head bobble head dogs bobblehead doll bull terrier german shepherd husky pug

Some of our most popular bobble head dogs have returned in-stock! We've stocked these terrific bobble heads since 2000, but they were absent in 2014..... And, they're back and ready to ship! Husky Dog Bobble Head Doll Bull Terrier Dog Bobble Head Doll German Shepherd Dog Bobble Head Doll Pug Dog Bobble Head Doll Beagle Dog Bobble Head Doll

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2014 is Here!

bobbing heads bobble head bobble head dogs discontinued

We hope that you had a terrific holiday season and welcome to 2014. We have a few pieces of news and information to share.Unfortunately, one of our most popular lines of products has been discontinued and are no longer being manufactured, the 3" Bobble Head Dogs. Amongst the bobble head dogs that are now discontinued: English Bulldog, Doberman, Dachshund, and Husky. This only applies to the 3" bobble head dogs and not any of our 5" or 6" bobble head dogs that might include similar breeds.

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