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Inventory Status for November 24, 2014

holidays inventory stock status

We hope that you're having a great Monday and did want to update you on current inventory statuses. Our extremely popular Solar Hula Girl Doll has gone out of stock as of this morning along with the Dolphin Bobble Head & Macaw Bobble Head. We're anticipating restocking both of those product around the 8th of December.  

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Inventory Status

BOBBLE head dog bobble heads inventory

The following products have returned in-stock: Black & White Beagle Dog Bobble Head Beagle Dog Bobble Head Dalmatian Dog Bobble Head

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Inventory Status for June 25, 2014

bobble heads doctor who hula girl inventory rubber ducks

  Current Update for June 25, 2014 Limited Quantities Available: The Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Bobble Head - The product has been discontinued and once our remaining inventory is gone, they're history! Currently on Manufacturer's Backorder: Wiggling Hula Girl Bobble Head Wiggling Hula Guy Bobble Head Glow in the Dark Rubber Duck Miniature Chihuahua Dog Bobble Head  Discontinued by Manufacturer: Pomeranian Dog Bobble Head BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes    

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