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New Products

Here's our latest for Friday, August, 18, 2017: Donald Trump Executive Orders Sticky Notes Notepads Donald Trump is the President of the United States and he's here with the Donald Trump Executive Orders Sticky Notes. On what looks like White House stationary, the President is holding a pen and the it has his signature just like when he's signing an executive order. It also contains a separate executive order pad and four sticky note tabs that can be used in books and papers. The tabs read: Loser!, Terrific, Sad!, and Classy! Over 400 sticky notes. Donald Trump Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes Notepads (1) Trump Sticky Executive Order Notepad  (1) Trump Executive Order Notepad with the President and Pen (4)...

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New Products for the Week of September 26, 2016

Brand new products for the week of September 26, 2016! Star Trek 50th Anniversary Sticky Notes Elvis Presley Sticky Notes Elvis Presley Card and Stickers Abraham Lincoln Card and Stickers Franklin Roosevelt Card and Stickers George Washington Card and Stickers John F. Kennedy Card and Stickers Thomas Jefferson Card and Stickers

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New Products for the Week of January 26, 2015

We have several terrific new products in-stock for the week of January 26th! BBC Doctor Who 12th Doctor Sticky Notes Sigmund Freud Sticky Notes Monty Python Sticky Notes Monty Python Ceramic Mug Mark Twain Quotable Greeting Card Sigmund Freud Quotable Greeting Card Mister Rogers Quotable Greeting Card Carl Sagan Quotable Greeting Card Comic Book Notebook

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New Doctor Who Coming Soon!

We've incredibly excited to let you know that brand new Doctor Who Sticky Notes are coming soon with the latest Doctor, Peter Capaldi! We're anticipating them in our inventory later in the week and we'll have a full profile on the product when they arrive. The hugely popular Doctor Who Sticky Notes were discontinued in late 2013 due to the change of Doctors and we're very pleased that an all-new and improved version will be here!

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Doctor Who Sticky Notes Status

The ever popular Doctor Who Sticky Notes are currently unavailable. Unfortunately as the 50th Anniversary is upon us, the product is out the door! With Matt Smith leaving as the Doctor, the product is being redesigned for the newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi. The last run of the product was made and there is no inventory left.   We will update you as soon as we have in artwork of the new product and an estimation of when it will return in-stock, which should be early in 2014.

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