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How Your Order is Prepared and Shipped August 25, 2017 08:35

How Your Order is Prepared and Shipped!

You're ready to place your order, but you might be wondering about how it's all put together? Our little guide will walk you through the process of your package going from the worldwide headquarters of LLC to your hands!

Having been in the mail order business for over 19 years, we at have perfected the art of order fulfillment. Once your order has been placed, the first step is to send the order information down to our facility for it to be prepared for packaging. A real human being (not a robot, droid, AI) goes and gathers the items for your order. Each and every item is personally inspected to make certain that they meet our quality control standards. For items such as bobble heads, we make certain that everything from the outside material to the hinges are perfect and paper products include our inspection process ensuring that the printing is spot-on. We've personally had many times of ordering from companies where they take a product, literally toss it into a box without a care, and the order arrives broken, crushed, etc. Our high quality fulfillment process is one of the little touches that makes us stand apart and is incredibly important to us!

Once we've inspected your products, the package needs to arrive safe and sound, so we ship in quality, durable cardboard boxes and padded bubble mailers depending upon the type of product that you're purchasing. We ship your order in compact, tight packaging, ensuring that your product is not only protected, but the box is solid and durable, preventing crushing.

You might find bubble wrap or newsprint included as packaging material in your order. We believe in environmental sustainability, so we're very focused on reusing and recycling. When the products arrive from manufacturers, we receive countless volumes of packaging material. Instead of discarding that packaging material, we make every effort to reuse at least 90% of all the materials that we've received. Additionally, our office paper comes from mixed use and recycled materials.

So, once we have your box and packaging materials, the fun stuff is ready to go into the box! We take great pride in securely packaging and examining each product before they ship.

Once your product has been packaged up, we add in a printed invoice, your free gift, and sometimes even more! The last step of the process is sealing the package where your box is carefully taped (or in the case of a mailer, it's secured) and then your shipping label is adhered. We ship via the USPS and UPS at regular intervals during the business day, Monday through Saturday. Just look for the LLC logo to know that your package from us has arrived!

And that's yet another day in the books for Tickles the Cat and the gang here at LLC!

New Bath Soaps! January 20, 2017 10:58

We have several terrific new bath soaps in-stock and ready to ship!

Albert Einstein's Bath-Time Continuum Soap

Pope Francis Soap

Sigmund Freud's Wash Fulfillment Soap

Donald Trump's Small Hand Soap

Use Social Media to Create Your Account! December 16, 2016 16:08

When you create a new account, we're making it easier than ever to do so! When you create a new account, you can now use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ to quickly make it!

2016 Holiday Shipping Deadlines December 06, 2016 09:12

Holiday gift season is upon us and here's our easy to consult shipping guide for the holidays!

United States Shipping Deadlines

Christmas 2016 (Sunday, December 25, 2016)

  • Standard Shipping Deadline
    Tuesday, December 20, 2016, Noon Eastern
  • Expedited Shipping Deadline
    Thursday, December 22, 2016, Noon Eastern
  • Overnight Shipping Deadline
    Thursday, December 23, 2016, Noon Eastern (Metropolitan areas)

Hanukkah 2016 (Begins Saturday, December 24, 2016) 

  • Standard Shipping Deadline 
    Monday, December 19, 2016, Noon Eastern
  • Expedited Shipping Deadline
    Wednesday, December 21, 2016, Noon Eastern
  • Overnight Shipping Deadline 
    Thursday, December 23, 2016, Noon Eastern


International Shipping Deadlines

For our International shoppers, outside of Canada, on average, the shipping deadline for International Air Mail is the 11th-13th of December and for our Canadian guests, typical delivery is in 7 days, so around the 15th of December.


Please remember that during the holiday season, we strive to have products in-stock as readily as possible, but many products no matter how great of inventory that we have available do run out quickly and there can be manufacturer shortages. We advise to order as early as possible to avoid having any items back-ordered or out of stock for the holidays.

Why Quality and Licensed Products Matter November 01, 2016 16:11

In the world of online shopping, there's a lot of choices both big and small, but the little things matter and that's what we pride ourselves in here at! Over the past several years, we've seen the proliferation of unlicensed products from stickers to decor and our line of products aren't immune.

There are certain sites that allow for the printing of copyrighted material and some giants that are flooded with fakes and do nothing about it. It might not seem like a big deal on the surface, but scratch below and you find out that everyone gets affected. When you purchased licensed products (e.g. Harry Potter stickers, Disney Tsum Tsum keychains), not only are you getting officially sanctioned products, but also high quality merchandise. We're seen a growing number of fakes online of many stickers and when they arrive at home as a customer, they're nothing short of a huge disappointed. Poorly cut, pixelated, and just seemingly off. We've found that the stickers are made of poor quality materials and wear incredibly quickly.

While it might be enticing to buy a product because it's at a rock bottom price, you'll find that in the end, the quality is so poor that you'll be out looking for a replacement in no time. Here at, we offer quality, officially licensed products from pins to stickers. They're made with with the highest quality materials and will last for a long time. We've offered for years a combination of excellent pricing and affordable shipping options and we're very pleased that you've stopped by and greatly appreciate your business!

New Disney Tsum Tsum Products! August 16, 2016 08:24

We have several terrific new Disney Tsum Tsum products in and they're all scented! The Tsum Tsum keychains are big and work as great bag decor and the scratch and sniff stickers last for at least 250 scratches!

15% off $10 or More! Summer Savings Extravaganza! June 07, 2016 07:43

We have a terrific summer offer! Use coupon code SUMMERFUN at checkout for 15% off all orders over $10! Promotion ends on 7/28.

Environmental Sustainability March 23, 2016 09:17

Since our inception, it's been extremely important for us to be environmentally responsible. Over the years, we've continued to refine and improve our methods, so we'd like to let you know some of things that we do!

  • Minimal Product Packaging 

    For our exclusively manufactured products, we choose to not have header cards and plastic packaging for the products. There isn't a need for header cards as they aren't being used on display racks and virtually all plastic wrap is non-recyclable. It's important for us to streamline the environmental impact of manufacturing process. We also push for suppliers to use minimally wasteful packaging and to ensure that the packaging components are fully recyclable. 

  • Shipping Packaging

    We've spent years testing and working to precisely package our products. Our shipments use packaging that are designed to be the most durable for the shipment process and uses space extremely wisely.

    Our shipping containers are all purchased locally and manufactured in our region. Only our packaging tape is not made locally, but is Made in the USA.

  • Office Recycling

    Whether we are in a business office or in our fulfillment facility, we sort all materials. Whether it is a strip that covers the seal on a padded mailer to cardboard from incoming shipments, every single item is separated and properly disposed of. We recycle nearly 80% of all office waste, which is something that we're incredibly proud of, but hope to even improve upon even more!

Product Status for February 3, 2016 February 03, 2016 10:21

Brand new products that are currently in-stock as of today, February 3, 2016:

  • The Beatles Yellow Submarine Sticky Notes
  • Minions Maid Bumper Sticker Decal
  • Minions Rubber Ducky Bumper Sticker Decal

Products that have returned in-stock:

  • Monty Python Flying Circus Sticky Notes
  • BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes
  • ELVIS Presley Sticky Notes
  • Sherlock Holmes Detective Pipe
  • White Cow Bobble Head Doll
  • Telescopic Cigarette Holder


Halloween Shopping Has Begun! September 18, 2015 15:05

It might still be warm many places, but Halloween time is coming before long. We welcome you to shop from our variety of terrific costume props including the Black Cigarette Holder, Steampunk Monocle, and

Now Accepting Google Wallet July 10, 2015 09:47

We're pleased to announce that we're now accepting Google Wallet as a payment method effective immediately.

U.S. Shipping is Now Flat-Rate! June 30, 2015 11:40

As of today, June 30, 2015, we have switched from tiered shipping within the United States to flat-rate shipping. No matter the order size, it's $4 to ship anywhere within the United States!

Throughout the years, our shipping costs have skyrocketed as all the major carriers have increased rates up to multiple times in a calendar year. We've decided to switch to a flat-rate that is not only fair, but will also lower the costs for many of our customers. Our standard average order will see an average reduction of $1 in their shipping costs!

International rates remain based upon your particular location and will calculate at checkout, or you can visit our shipping page to see our country shipping cost chart.

Learn about Tickles the Cat June 25, 2015 09:12

We welcome you to take a moment and learn about our official spokeskitty and mascot, Tickles the Cat.

Inventory Update for March 11, 2015 March 11, 2015 15:39

We hope your week is going well and we're here to update our inventory status. As we noted in February, there have been numerous delays in products coming in-stock due to the Port of Long Beach strike. The strike has ended, but more than 75% of the containers are still offshore waiting to be loaded and delivered to warehouses. As a result, several products remain out-of-stock. Delays have been up to three months due to the strike.

Currently Out-of-Stock

  • Beagle, Husky, Dalmatian Bobble Head Dolls - Current Est. Restock Date: 3/22
  • Gold Plated Cigarette Holder - Current Est. Restock Date: TBA
  • Solar Hula Girl Dashboard Doll - Current Est. Restock Date: TBA
  • Hollywood Film Director's Movie Slateboard - Current Est. Restock Date: 3/20
  • Breaking Bad Walter White Decal & Magnet - Current Est. Restock Date: 3/26
  • Aristocrat's Monocle - Current Est. Restock Date: 3/26
  • 8 Ball Keychain - Current Est. Restock Date: 3/20
  • Rosie the Riveter Sticky Notes - Current Est. Restock Date: TBA

Returned In-Stock as of March 11, 2015

  • Telescopic Cigarette Holder
  • Moose Bobble Head Doll 
  • Canadian Mountain Moose Bobble Head Doll
  • Alligator Bobble Head Doll
  • Deer Bobble Head Doll
  • Sherlock Holmes Detective Pipe
  • Cigarette Costume Props
  • Wind-up Chattering Teeth

Download our new iPhone app! March 04, 2015 16:00

We've very excited to announce that we've launched our official store app, which is now downloadable in the Apple Store. Our Android app will be launching within the next two weeks and we have an all-new Windows Phone app launching this month, too!

Download Link:

Inventory Status & Quantity Ordering for December 10, 2014 December 10, 2014 16:30

The following products are currently out of stock:

  • T-Rex Puzzle & Squirrel Puzzle
  • Rosie the Riveter Sticky Notes & Poe Notable Quotable
  • Brown Cow Bobble Head, Mini Rottweiler Bobble Head Dog, & Blue Dinosaur Bobble Head


We have pretty strong inventory totals on most items as of today for Christmas delivery. Please note that our inventory is updated throughout the day from our various ordering systems and the number of pieces available do change. 

If you're attempting to purchase an item, but there isn't enough available inventory, simply drop us an email at We limit ordering to the current on-hand total of products, but we are constantly receiving inventory into our facility. We'll be able to let you know exactly when the next batch will be arriving.

Brand New Products November 04, 2014 16:04

We're off to a great start in November with several new and exciting bobble head products!


Halloween Delivery Deadlines October 17, 2014 22:45

Parties, candy, and fun all adds up to Halloween! We've very pleased to offer several terrific Halloween Costume Accessories that will really make your theme pop and flexible delivery deadlines. 

Here are the ordering deadlines for delivery within the United States on or before October 31, 2014:


  • Standard Delivery (2-4 business days): Tuesday, October 28, 2014, Noon Eastern
  • Expedited Delivery (1-3 business days): Wednesday, October 29, 2014, Noon Eastern
  • Overnight Delivery (1 business day for metro areas/2 business days for some rural locations): Thursday, October 30, 2014, 2 pm Eastern

Our Packaging Process July 29, 2014 08:51

You've seen it time and again, a package arrives at your home, and you've opened the box to only be surprised that something isn't right with the packaging. Whether it's a small item in a giant box or an unsecured item thrown into a box, there is a lack of care and many times damage to the product that you've ordered. We take great pride in our order packaging process.

When you order from us at, we go through a multipart process when packaging your order. First off all, we physically inspect each and every product as our Crew knows how each item should look, operate, and feel. After the inspection process, your order is precisely packaged. In the packaging process, we have specific boxes and packaging styles designated for each of our products and all combinations. We don't toss your items in a random box without care, rather we've spent many years perfecting the packaging process allowing us to reduce waste and ensuring a safe delivery. There's no reason to put a 4" item in a 4' box as it not only in environmentally wasteful, but it also leads to increased customer costs with more expensive packaging and delivery costs. 

We have a very detailed packaging process for many reasons. We greatly appreciate you choosing our company for your purchase and believe that the time should be spent to make certain that you're receiving a product that is up to quality standards and that we should provide to you a packaging process that keeps your purchase well protected in-transit. Damaged packages are a simple fact of doing business, but we've been able to reduce damage packages in-transit to less than .01% of all shipments, which is not too shabby!

New Products and Inventory Update for July 1, 2014 July 01, 2014 17:47


We have limited quantities of the Dalmatian and Beagle (various styles) Dog Bobble Heads currently in-stock. We're working to bring in additional product as soon as possible from our manufacturer.

We have a few new products in today and they're now available on the store:


Inventory Status for June 25, 2014 June 25, 2014 12:46


Current Update for June 25, 2014

Limited Quantities Available:

  • The Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Bobble Head - The product has been discontinued and once our remaining inventory is gone, they're history!

Currently on Manufacturer's Backorder:

  • Wiggling Hula Girl Bobble Head
  • Wiggling Hula Guy Bobble Head
  • Glow in the Dark Rubber Duck
  • Miniature Chihuahua Dog Bobble Head 

Discontinued by Manufacturer:

  • Pomeranian Dog Bobble Head
  • BBC Doctor Who Sticky Notes



Exciting Changes! June 09, 2014 08:27

We hope your Monday is starting off well and we're extremely excited to be unveiling our new company logo and our modernized Tickles the Cat logo. Who's Tickles the Cat? Read all about our official spokeskitty.


Inventory Status Update for Friday, March 7, 2014 March 07, 2014 08:03

The following products have returned in-stock and are ready to ship:

New Products for the Week of February 24, 2014 | Breaking Bad & More! February 28, 2014 08:08

The conclusion of Breaking Bad has come and gone, but Breaking Bad continues to live on! We've added some terrific new Walter White products!


Breaking Bad Walter White Refrigerator Magnet: It's the four faces of Walter White with our refrigerator magnet. Perfect for not only the 'fridge, but also great to adorn your work cube, $3.99. Also available as a rectangular Breaking Bad Walter White Bumper Sticker Decal, $2.99.

Measuring 5"x5" and weatherproof, the Breaking Bad Walter White Car Magnet is a great way to show your love of Heisenberg, $5.99.

Want the flip-side of Breaking Bad? How about the return of the Powerpuff Girls? The Girls have returned and we're looking for your feedback as to whether to expand carrying the Powerpuff Girls products. We have the new Powerpuff Girls Refrigerator Magnet, $3.99. Just like the Walter White Magnet, the Powerpuff Girls Magnet is perfect for your refrigerator or office cube!