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How Your Order is Prepared and Shipped

How Your Order is Prepared and Shipped! You're ready to place your order, but you might be wondering about how it's all put together? Our little guide will walk you through the process of your package going from the worldwide headquarters of PopCultureSpot.com LLC to your hands! Having been in the mail order business for over 19 years, we at PopCultureSpot.com have perfected the art of order fulfillment. Once your order has been placed, the first step is to send the order information down to our facility for it to be prepared for packaging. A real human being (not a robot, droid, AI) goes and gathers the items for your order. Each and every item is personally inspected to make certain that they meet...

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New Products

Here's our latest for Friday, August, 18, 2017: Donald Trump Executive Orders Sticky Notes Notepads Donald Trump is the President of the United States and he's here with the Donald Trump Executive Orders Sticky Notes. On what looks like White House stationary, the President is holding a pen and the it has his signature just like when he's signing an executive order. It also contains a separate executive order pad and four sticky note tabs that can be used in books and papers. The tabs read: Loser!, Terrific, Sad!, and Classy! Over 400 sticky notes. Donald Trump Trump's Executive Orders Sticky Notes Notepads (1) Trump Sticky Executive Order Notepad  (1) Trump Executive Order Notepad with the President and Pen (4)...

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Product of the Week: Hollywood Movie Film Director's Slateboard

Our Hollywood Slateboard Film Production Clapper is a working production clapboard. You've seen film directors always using the movie clapper and that's what we have! Our Hollywood Film Production Slateboard measures 8" x 7.5" (20.32 cm x 19.05 cm) and is made of durable wood with the classic black surface and white text.  Whether you're shooting a movie with professional video equipment or your home video camera, this is the one! Did you know that the slateboard is also commonly known as a clapper or clapperboard? The history is rich and the clapper is the ultimate for professional film production, amateur film production, and perfect gift for the filmmaker in your home! Measures 8" x 7.5" x .50" (20.32 cm...

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Despicable Me and Minions!

Despicable Me 3 is right around the corner and we have plenty of Minion stickers and more! Hurry up, as they're being discontinued very soon! https://popculturespot.com/search?q=minions  

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Bobble Heads - History and Anatomy of Bobble Heads

The History and Anatomy of Bobble Head Dolls from PopCultureSpot.com Updated, May 24, 2017 What is a bobble head doll? First of all, we need to examine all of the names that bobble heads are known by. They are known as bobble heads, bobble head dolls, bobbing heads, bobbleheads, moving heads, nodders, nodding heads, wobblers, nodding heads, amongst the most popular of terms for bobble heads. Bobble head dolls were first believed to be referenced in 1842 in the short story "The Overcoat" by writer Nikolai Gogol. The story is also known as "The Cloak" and has been adapted to film and stage. Present day bobble heads originate in Germany. Ancient Japan and China had string dolls, which were the...

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